Friday, 12 April 2013

Me doing something nice. Don't get used to it...

A friend of mine (yes, some people are actually worthy of my company) has decided to do something good, in fact it's so good that I am sharing it, and even donating to the cause.  My friend Chris is going to do the local ride to conquer cancer.  Chris is a good guy and needs as much support as possible.  I am even going to donate to his cause.  Support him by either liking the page, donating to the cause, or both.
This proves that I am not a total asshole, I just hate most people/things.

This is the facebook page
Chris Milligan's Ride to conquer cancer facebook page

Here is the actual page for the ride.  This is where you can donate money.
the main page for Chris's fundraising

Make sure you actually donate to this cause, I know I will.


  1. Dear Feltern,
    I am a starting zombie removal specialist and I was wondering if you could give me some tips. If you could it would mean the world to me. You are my idol, keep being a badass slayer.
    Signed, Austin Zed Hunter

  2. Thank you Austin, I appreciate my fans. The next post will be dedicated to you.

  3. Also for everyone else:
    Here is Chris's 2014 page.
    Make some donations to do something good, for every donation I will be nice to someone for 5 minutes.