Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Melee Weapons

"But Feltern, what do you use if you run out of bullets/get swarmed" is a very common question I keep hearing. Lucky for you today I will answer it.
     For close combat, I have a few weapons I like to use, I will not tell you all of them (this is a business afterall and I would be pretty crazy to tell you all my secrets) but the three I have added here should give you an idea of what is going on.
     First I have what I refer to as my "Shovel from hell". It is a 12lb steel shovel that is essentially part battle axe, and part spear. This might not sound heavy, but I doubt many of you could swing it more than a few times. This item is extremely effective for decapitating (if you look closely at the sides of the head, you might notice they are sharpened) aswell as crushing skulls. I am quite happy with it, and I had it specially made for myself.

     Next is my hatchet. Hatchets are kind of standard zombie removal weapons, but what most people do not know is just how dangerous they are. Not only are they dangerous for the dead, using one without the proper training could be extremely dangerous for the living. The problem with hatchets is that they take a bit to remove a head, and are likely to get stuck in a skull.

     Finally I have my trusty "Hunting" knife (actually it was designed for the millitary as a fighting knife). It is a fixed blade with a full tang (as in the blade and handle are made of the same piece of steel) the blade is extremely sharp, as I like to keep it that way. Not to mention the blade is 7 inches long.  Now I am not suggesting this as an effective zombie killing tool, as with the hatchet the blade could get stuck in the skull.  The knife is mostly for cutting and slashing, but will handle being jammed into a skull if needed.

Enjoy the photos/info, but remember not to try this at home.

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