Saturday, 18 August 2012

Zombie Walk

      As many of you know, today (August 18 2012) was the annual zombie walk.  This is essentially my least favourite day of the year. Why you might ask? Simple: I get paid to get rid of zombies. I can't stand them in fact I hate them so much that I went down to the zombie walk for free!
     If you have been checking my blog recently, you will see that since I was hung over, I went under cover.  I hadn't even arrived yet and had already killed 3 zombies.
     I arrived at the art gallery in Vancouver to find the place over run, so I waited on the sidelines (you can see from the following 2 photos)

The walk started, so naturally I followed. The first block I killed only 2 (I did not want any extra attention) By this point, already at 5 kills for the day, I say a bus load of tourists getting attacked, I "resolved the situation" for them, and continued walking (Pic below)

I killed another few (I think 7, but don't quote me on that) when I saw this guy. Not sure if he was a zombie or just high, so I "Took care of him" anyway. You can't be too careful.

I came across this one eating a hand, and removed his head.

I then dealt with these two quite nicely, they made a little bit of a mess tho

I arrived at the park to find this soldier who had already turned, I dealt with this situation when this asshole with the baseball bat took the credit (I am not actually that upset... amd he won't be talking to anyone ever again)

I found a crawler trying to bite ankles, so I dealt with him (190lbs of me jumbing onto a zombie skull off a sign post causes a lot of damage )

I was then getting ready to go home when all of the sudden "Holy Shit! It's Snow Fu*king White" too bad she was already a zombie. I did not have any weapons left, so I punched this one's skull into many pieces.

After killing 20 (or so) zombies, I decided to go home. I am now sitting here in my underwear icing my poor knuckles. It was a good day :)

If you see yourself and do not want your face shown, comment on the photo and you will be removed.

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