Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Secret Lair

Here is a rare once in a lifetime glimpse at my secret lair.  I had to hide my friend's face to protect her identity.  I can't have those asshole zombie sympathizers forcing her to lead them back.
Enjoy everyone, and yes jealousy is acceptable.
Yes, I did have a professional photographer aswell. His name is "Atratus" He is a man of integrity, good luck getting the location from him.


  1. okay I Read the How To get Into The line Of Work part of the site, got some of my answers,but another problem is deciphering between real sightings and and hoaxs. any advice on that?
    and no worries on me stealling your business. and Would You Say That The Forest is a good place to find Those fuckers(undead)

    1. Thanks for the questions. My best advice is not to get involved, your life expectancy is much higher when you don't. As far as that goes, you are free to accept my advice or ignore it. Now dealing with hoaxes can be difficult, get paid up front and use your eyes. We all make mistakes, just make sure you can own up to them or own a good shovel. The forest can be a good place to practice, just make sure that you are near an urban area so that you will have the best chances at finding anything, just be careful and make sure to use your ears, you don't want to have any of them sneak up on you.